Molly E. Ryan, DO, MPH


Appointment times: Appointments will start and end at their scheduled times. In consideration of other patients, sessions cannot be extended for late arrivals. It may be up to the discretion of the doctor if the session will need to be rescheduled due to late arrival time.


Cancellation policy: A full session fee will be charged for cancelled or missed appointments unless at least 1 business day of notice has been given. Both telephone and email are acceptable ways to alert either doctor of a cancellation.


Fee Schedule:
Initial Adult Consultation: 60 minutes – $300
Initial Child/Adolescent Consultation: 90 minutes – $400
Follow-up Medication Management: 30 minutes – $150

Detailed Documentation Paperwork - $50

All other professional services requiring longer than 10 minutes must be completed through regularly scheduled appointments.  No prescriptions will be provided over the phone. In the event of any emergency or crisis, call 911 immediately or proceed to the nearest hospital.


Payment: All outpatient visits must be paid in full at the time of visit, unless other arrangements are made prior to the appointment. Dr. Ryan is not a member of any managed care insurance programs and does not accept any insurance policies at this time, however a standard one page invoice can be provided for patients to submit to their insurance carriers independently. We accepts checks, cash, and all major credit cards for all professional services.


Insurance Reimbursement: Dr. Ryan is not a part of any insurance panel and does not process requests for insurance reimbursement. As such, we are considered an “out of network” or “non-participating” provider for most PPO plans, including Medicare. If you have a health benefits policy that provides mental health coverage, you may be entitled to insurance reimbursement for any provided professional services. Potential reimbursement is between you and your insurance carrier, and you may discuss this with your insurance company by contacting them directly. Regardless of the patient’s ability to receive insurance reimbursement, full payment for all services is required at the time of each appointment, as outlined above.


Phone and e-mail contact: Both Dr. Ryan will return routine phone calls and e-mails free of charge. However, if returning phone calls and emails for a particular patient becomes frequent and time-consuming, they may ask the patient to increase their frequency of appointments in order to address these issues during session times.  In the event of an emergency, please contact 911 immediately and/or proceed to the nearest hospital emergency room. During after office hours, you may leave a message for Dr. Ryan at the office phone (772-208-0514) and your call will be returned within 1 business day. In the case of an emergency or if there is a situation that requires an immediate response, please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room as we cannot guarantee that voicemails will be responded to immediately during after hours.  Please be aware that e-mail is not a confidential means of communication. The email is only to be used for initiating contact, sending forms, or communicating logistical information. Clinical information and advice will not be sent by email.

Dr. Molly Ryan, DO, MPH, LLC