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Stuart Psychiatry

The initial client medication management assessment is a 60-90 minute comprehensive evaluation focused on obtaining an accurate psychiatric diagnosis and identifying symptoms for treatment planning and potential medication management or therapeutic services, when necessary.


Dr. Ryan and Kristin Sinopoli use an evidence-based medicine approach for psychiatric medication management. They provides extensive education to the patient regarding his/her/their diagnosis, treatment plan and medication regimen. Dr. Ryan and Kristin Sinopoli's treatment philosophy includes utilizing the least restrictive means possible in accordance with the patients wishes. Before psychotropic medications are initiated, target symptoms, outcomes, medication side effects, risks/benefits and alternatives are discussed at length with each client. Patients are typically seen for medication management at least once every month, but no less frequently than once every three months.



Dr Ryan and Jen Hodge use an eclectic therapeutic approach including but not limited to Client-Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Supportive Therapy, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing and Psychoanalytic and Psychoeducation interventions.  They are also able to provide couples counseling, Family Therapy, and Art and Play Therapy and Trauma focused interventions including EMDR..  Individualized treatment plans can include weekly visits, more frequent visits, crisis intervention and maintenance sessions.


An individualized treatment program is customized for each client based on his or her medical and psychological needs and tailored towards the recovery process. The duration and frequency of appointments will be dictated by the patient’s symptoms and progress and will be mutually agreed upon by Dr. Ryan/Kristin Sinopoli and the patient. Following the 60-90 minute comprehensive Initial Assessment, follow up appointments for medication management are typically 30 minutes in length, individual therapy sessions can range from 45-60+ minutes..  To ensure the most efficient and safest course of treatment, the frequency of appointments is adjusted on an individual basis.

"Everyone in our practice is afforded the same basic principals:  Privacy, Personalization and Respect."

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